Plenty Of Boobs Job - Korean Actress Oh In-hye - 오인혜 Wow Busan International Film Festival

Monday, October 17, 2011

This is more than you can think of!! Korean actress Oh In-hye (오인혜) showed us her eastern stunning body during the 16th Busan International Film Festival in Busan.

She became an overnight sensation after she walked down the red carpet in her daring orange dress at the 16th BIFF.

Oh In-hye successfully get all the attention as she donned a super deep-v red dress, showed almost all of her breasts to us, her deep cleavage make sure every one is looking on her top part.

Her daring Grecian goddess-inspired dress with a plunging neckline drew everyone's attention to her breasts. Some say her dress was too revealing and was inappropriate for the event.

She also commented on this : "I'm really self conscious and get hurt easily. When I saw that I was the most searched figure online, I was worried about tomorrow. My parents knew that I had been going through a hard time and just told me to not focus on the hateful replies and just overcome it as a life experience."

We are good to see your sexy body, Miss Oh In-hye. We also provide you the GIF and also youtube of the show. Enjoy!


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NOW... WE WANNA SEE NORTH KOREAN BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

where was she when I was in Korea?..........Oh, I know I was there in 1951

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